Before installing any door, it is important to understand how each style functions, including the advantages and disadvantages you can expect. With years of experience guiding companies to select optimal doors, Nahla Garage Doors ensures you make the right product choice. Furthermore, our one-year warranty covers your door installation for added peace of mind.

The types of roll-up doors available

The types of roll-up doors available include light-duty, medium-duty, heavy-duty, fire-rated, and insulated models. The right door for your needs depends on factors like building usage, security requirements, exposure to weather, and insulation needs.

  • Light-duty doors work for low-traffic structures like sheds. Medium-duty suits low-use garages or warehouses.
  • Heavy-duty withstands security threats and severe weather in high-traffic buildings.
  • Fire-rated doors detect fires, close automatically, and resist flame damage.
  • Insulated doors reduce energy costs and improve climate control.

How to maintain a roll-up door

Regular cleaning, lubrication, inspections, and testing will help maintain your roll-up door and prolong its lifespan.

Nahla Garage Doors provides a wide selection of customizable roll-up doors, ensuring you’ll find the perfect model for your needs. We design, install, and repair roll-up doors, offering fast, dependable service to keep your entryways secure and operational. Contact us today to learn more about our roll-up door options.